Tarot Relationship Spread:- Free Tarot Relationship reading. The Reading reveals...

  1. What you are bringing into relationship
  2. Where you are now, in relation to the other person
  3. What you are hoping to get from the relationship
  4. What the other person is bringing into their relationship with you
  5. What they are getting out of it
  6. What they are hoping to archive/experience with you
  7. How you see the other person
  8. How they see you
  9. How you saw him/her when you first met
  10. How the other person saw you on your first meeting
  11. Your own anxieties/inconscious fears
  12. The other person's anxieties/unconscious fears
  13. External influences upon you
  14. External influences upon the other person
  15. Where the relationship will go

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