Tarot Celtic Cross Spread:- Probably the most useful and versatile of all the tarot spreads. It can be used for just about any question put to it. The Reading reveals...

  1. This reading covers you and represents your present situation or state of mind.
  2. This reading crosses you and refers to the events or influences in the very near future.
  3. This reading crowns you and shows the best course of action to take and the results of ignoring it.
  4. This reading is beneath you and represents an event or matter in the past that is relevant to your present situation.
  5. This reading is behind you and represents a more recent relevant event in your life.
  6. This reading is before you and shows the likely state of your affairs in about six months' time.
  7. This reading is yourself and shows the influences or events in your main sphere of life or work.
  8. This reading is your house and shows the influences or events in your home and social life.
  9. This reading is your hopes and fears and reflects your feelings and influences the likely outcome of events.
  10. This reading shows what will come and is the accumulative statement of the whole spread, or the final outcome.

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